Studio 10

Debarry Studio 10 is filled with enthusiastic artist /students. We work from direct observation and from our reference photos. There are still life and floral setups available for the class to choose from. Some students work small and are able to finish a painting during the course of the day. Others work on one painting for several sessions. We work in Pastel, Oil, w/c and drawing. All levels are welcomed.

In my teaching I stressed these basic academic elements: light, shadow, composition, design and color harmony.

I encouraged my students to discover the quality of line, the temperature of color, depth of space, the value of a given object and its color value. We explored the varied shapes, textures and structures of the given still life/flowers and landscapes.

The finished paintings were strong interpretations of a given subject matter. Each student’s work is unique in style, texture and composition.

The friendly atmosphere and enthusiasm in this studio is encouraging and heart warming.